Compass Facility Services provides end-to-end customized cleaning programs specific to your needs and facility type.

Our Services


We implement proven methods of operation based on the hours of service determined to meet your cleaning needs.


We employ many Porters and Matrons across all types of real-estate and facilities we provide services for.


We have the experience to perform many preventative maintenance programs for all types of flooring.


We have the ability to provide exterior cleaning services depending on clients’ needs. All services below are performed in-house.


We can provide a team to perform a first-class detail cleaning after the completion of a newly constructed building.


Compass is there when you need us! Many times, we are the first ones to arrive to an emergency.

Our Quality Based, Value Driven Service Approach

Selecting the best janitorial service company, tailored to your needs with a dedicated team of staff and services is a critical decision you cannot afford to get wrong.

  • Tailored Operating Plan
  • Responsive and Flexible Service Delivery
  • Select Employee Staffing
  • Comprehensive Site-Specific Training
  • On-Site Supervision, Management Support
  • Field Supervision
  • Quality Control and Process Improvement
  • Sustainable Green Cleaning Initiative

Short Term Goal

To commit janitorial services and company resources of Compass Facility Services to ensure a safe, positive and seamless transition process without interruption to the operation of properties.

Long Term Goal

To develop a pro-active partnership that provides both organizations with long term benefits, with special emphasis on providing a clean, safe, and healthy environment for employees, visitors and guests.

Certifications & Partners

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