Sustainable Cleaning Policy

Compass Facility Services is committed to developing and maintaining a healthy workplace for our clients and employees and diminishing any burden on the eco-system. We integrate environmentally safe and sustainable cleaning policies, procedures and products into our business practices, thereby reducing the negative impact on human health as well as the environment while increasing efficiencies and reducing waste.

We use only Green Seal Certified products, eliminating commonly used toxic chemicals in janitorial cleaning solutions; i.e. phosphates, high pH detergents, glycol ethers, alcohols, ammonia, amines, chlorine bleach, APE’s, acids, caustics, quaternary ammonium compounds, dyes, and over powering fragrances. These products can be trusted to be safe for adults and children occupying the building, whatever type of facility: typical office space, a school, university, manufacturing facility or technology space.

Virucidal Intervention Programs are a very high priority within the schools. Proper disinfecting programs will not only keep the facility healthier, but will also cut down on flu viruses during the peak months and in turn, lower the absentee rate. Compass uses Green Seal Certified disinfectants that kill 99.9 % of viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew.

Green Seal Certified paper products are 100% recycled. Toilet tissue and towels are totally chemical and chlorine free. Also another great aspect of these products is that they have a higher breakdown rate in septic systems and municipal sewage plants. Thus creates less ware on the system, less pumping and safer on leaching fields if the facility may have one

We work hard to keep up with recent trends and improvements in the janitorial field. We want the best possible products and services for our customers, and most importantly, health.

Compass uses only Green Seal Certified cleaning products and we are continually educating ourselves and employees about new products and “green” cleaning techniques.

Proud Providers of Green Seal Certified Products
Certified EcoLodge