Implementation Process

implementationOur General Operations Manager manages all aspects of the cleaning and works directly with the Operations Manager, the Site Project Manager, Site Operations Manager and Assistants to handle any concerns, requests or questions that the client may have. They schedule on-sight meetings with our customers to determine any additional requests or needs that the facility may require.

The Operations Manager and Site Project Manager are responsible for the day-to-day operations at designated facilities and report to and will be supported by the General Manager.

To insure a fast and smooth start up, upon contract notification, our General Manager will assign an Area Manager to supervise the facility. A Project Manager, Operations Manager and Assistants will be assigned as needed for the account. Mutually satisfactory communications makes any transition plan much more effective. We will also inventory all the equipment and materials necessary to begin this project and we will schedule their delivery to the location so that all will be in place prior to the commencement of the contract.

Many customers believe that the transition process from one contractor to another results in complete disruption of work and normal day to day operations. CFS has developed an approach that eliminates this disruption. It is our belief that the extra steps taken in the beginning will lead to a smooth exchange.

We begin this changeover with discussions with customers to develop a plan that includes the following:

  • Determining their needs and special services requested
  • Completing a walk through with Area Manager & Supervisory staff to stress what is required and expected in the daily specifications for the facility
  • Determining what is needed for supply inventory, chemicals, storage, and personnel