Brendan Greelish


We are:

  • always active in field operations to ensure proper service delivery
  • always working alongside field management to maintain morale
  • always developing new ideas to improve the building service industry
  • active in industry education, associations and cutting-edge equipment and supplies introduction
  • honest in developing proposal costs, not cutting corners simply to win contracts
  • highly skilled in understanding the nuances of the needs many different markets
  • always seeking to promote quality employees from within

Daron Greelish

Vice President

Cleaning staff becomes part of the culture within a facility.

Brendan and Daron Greelish knew from a young age the importance of their father’s business to the success of an organization. They also knew that they would take over the business and continue to grow it, applying their father’s values, their experience, and their training, both in the trenches and through solid business education.

Brendan and Daron know and understand the janitorial service industry from the ground up. From their teenage years (literally as soon as they could drive!) Brendan and Daron were working in every role to learn the grassroots of the industry. They moved on to supervisory and management roles serving a variety of real estate markets and facility types. Both Brendan and Daron completed four years of college to better grasp an understanding of the business world and incorporate their upbringing in the industry, binging it together as a whole.

Cleaning services are the most widely visible part of the service and function of a building – other than the building occupants themselves.