Janitorial Management Software- Cleantelligent

We currently use the Cleantelligent software for many of our facilities. Our quality control staff utilize smart phones and other mobile devices for data entry.

Inspections are graded and entered into the system for tracking so that a report can be generated and corrective action taken.

Other features of the system include:

  • service request management
  • periodic work management
  • preventative maintenance
  • performance tracking
  • employee performance analysis
  • supply consumption tracking
  • budget management
  • inventory tracking and management.

The most important feature of course is the quality control, benchmarking and inspection reporting. When reports are generated management staff can easily pin-point areas for improvement, take the corrective action and revisit these problem areas again to ensure repetitive issues don’t arise.
Clients may be given access, allowing them to review and track the status of corrective actions, facility related matters and work order requests.

Quality Control (QC) is a proactive method of assuring that quality service is being provided and maintained in a consistent manner.

On a non-routine basis, a member of our management staff will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your facility. Using a detailed electronic quality control system, we will track the performance of each cleaning function based on Compass cleaning standards and the specifications of the contract. Any deficiencies noted will be corrected within 24 hours. The Compass Operations Manager and Area Manager will also view reports done during each week.

Compass management will also meet with customer representatives to schedule any building maintenance programs to be performed on a rotating basis, weekly, monthly or annually. This is to assure that the specifications are adhered to and that all work is done in a timely and consistent manner.

The site logbook will also be reviewed during any quality control meetings to make sure that requests are being handled and that there are no issues in the flow of communication between our customer and cleaners.

Compass utilizes a hard-copy manual QC process, as well as a recently integrated electronics QC system, Cleantelligent.