Who Compass Facility Services Serves

Compass Facility Services is a leading New England-based full-service janitorial and building maintenance provider. We currently service over 10 million square feet of building, office, educational, retail, mixed-use, manufacturing, medical and lab space.

Property Management/Building Owners

who-propertyCompass serves all types of facilities managed by both large and small property management companies serving building owners and directly for building owners. From Class A mid-rise towers to suburban single-tenant properties, small medical/professional office buildings, medical clinics and industrial/manufacturing facilities, we strive to take away the worry of building janitorial and maintenance issues from the today’s extremely busy property managers.

By providing value-add building maintenance services to help property managers with smaller nagging maintenance issues, Compass is a single source for keeping facilities running smoothly under one purchase order. In many cases engineers are not on site daily, Compass becomes another set of eyes, ears and hands assisting property managers in maintaining their facilities by providing such services as handyman-type services, landscaping, snow removal, office moves, inspection of mechanicals. Our goal is to become an integral part of the building and become an important extension to property management and building owner.


who-educationalCompass serves private K-12 and private university educational facilities. These facilities need to be maintained to ensure there is a safe and healthy learning environment for students and faculty members. Compass vigorously screens prospective candidates to be a part of the educational janitorial team, all team members are required to participate in training programs specific to maintaining educational facilities ensuring each member learns proper techniques and fits well within the private school culture.

We work with our janitorial and chemical equipment supplier to host classroom style training days focused on educational facility cleaning techniques, Right-to-Know, OSHA Standards and Blood Borne Pathogen Training. We also work with our suppliers to know the latest regarding chemical proportioning systems and dilution control.


who-retailCompass provides janitorial and building maintenance services to over 900 retail facilities ranging from 3,500 to 10,000 square feet and beyond. We pride ourselves on being a trusted service partner for corporately owned large chain locations that stretch over multiple sites within New England, central east coast states, and some eastern mid-west locations.

Mixed Use

Faneuil Hall Marketplace-BostonMixed Use has exploded in the real-estate market over the past years. Most mixed use developments provide all-in-one amenities, including; office space, retail, residential and the public areas such as paths, parks and greenways. Compass can service all these areas with Class A janitorial and maintenance services, as well as Porter services to maintain exterior side-walks, public areas, parks, greenways and the outdoor amenities.

Compass also provides common area cleaning of residential buildings, including unit turnover services. And of course, Compass also provides outstanding janitorial services to the surrounding office spaces.


who-corporateWhether multi-tenant or owner-occupied, Compass has janitorial programs that can be tailored and customized to best fit our customer’s facilities. Understanding corporate facilities reflect the culture of a corporation and how they do business, Compass recognizes the importance of being a flexible and knowledgeable service partner

Lab Facilities

who-labOur employees undergo a strict training program that we develop using our customers policies and procedures, ensuring their high-tech lab cleaning requirements are stringently met proactively not reactively. We constantly monitor quality control measures with our area managers or on-site full time management structures.


who-manufacturingSafety is our goal with all of our customers, but Compass understands our manufacturing customers require an advanced level of attention to safety for our employees and customer’s sake. Our experience and focus on training programs as well as proper on-going quality control ensures our janitorial and general maintenance programs are sensitive to our client’s overall operations, equipment, moving parts, and employees in action.

Compass provides janitorial services to all types of manufacturing including medical manufacturers and manufacturers of raw materials.


who-medicalCompass Facility Services provides janitorial services to a wide variety to medical facilities such as; MOB’s, dialysis clinics, medical manufacturing, medical suites, day surgery centers, rehab, oncology, and multi-location offsite hospital affiliate locations. Proper employee PPE, safety, disinfecting and cross contamination control is our goal. To attain these goals we refer to our specific training guidelines for medical facilities. These four examples are very important to Compass, our employees and also our medical customers. Compass also gets great support from our chemical provider on conducting classroom training on OSHA standards; Right to Know, Blood Born Pathogens and also implementing chemical proportioning systems and dilution control within medical facilities.